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          --------------    INTEGRATED YOGATHEOPATHY SCIENCE   --------------
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  ------------    THE Swara - yoga SCIENCE   ------------

Swara-Yoga is a Yoga or union through breathing. In Sanskrit language, Literally Swara means "breath" or the continuous flow of air through one nostril and Yoga means "union". Thus Swara-Yoga means "Union through breath". So it is the vital science which is about the realization of cosmic consciousness, through the awareness or observation of breath; then mental controlling, Diverting, channelizing, analysis and visualization to colors, range, duration of existed the five basic elements (pancha tatwas) of nature (prakriti) such as :Prithvi (earth), Jalas (water), Agni (fire). Vayu (air) and Akasha (ether) in Swara ; or manipulation of the flow of breath in the nostrils. In Swara-yoga, you will find association of breath in relation to activities of sun-moon, Pingala-Ida, Yamuna-Gangga, Yinga-Yanga, sympathetic-para-sympathetic nerves systems and physical-mental conditions of individuals etc. In the practical sadhana of Swara-Yoga ; there is No melody, no words, no rhythm, and no harmony-just the sound of the vibrating breath. So Swara-Yoga is more comprehensive in theory and practices related to our natural breath.

              Swara-yoga is an ancient Tantric sacred science existing since before the Vedic period, over millions centauries ago. It was a secret science, only available for the select few, specially kings and dedicated spiritual seekers and Sadhakas through the guru-shishya parampara (guru-disciple tradition). It was kept as a closed secret by the ancient sages, saints and yogies who had intuitively received this knowledge from the Divine personality. Swara-Yoga involves the systematic study of the breath flow through the nostrils in relation to the prevailing phases of the moon, time of day and direction. Although we think of 'pranayama' which is related to control of breath in various ways. But in Swara-yoga, it is the association of the breath in relation to the activities or phases or positions of the sun, moon, planets, seasons, time of day, with the physical, mental and emotional conditions of the individual and then taking the appropriate action according to these subtle relations. For example, knowing the moon phases and checking the flow of your nostrils before you get out of bed in the morning and letting the corresponding foot be the first to touch the floor and make the first step, is a simple practice that ensures success in everything that happens for that day. The first foot to touch the ground will get the prevailing 'successful' flow of energy from the cosmos.

               This ancient divine knowledge was available only for sadhaks, to those who had risen above the worldly and mundane affairs of life, those who had a spiritual attitude, and the dedication and devotion of a disciple, so that this precious knowledge was kept pure and it didn't go into the wrong hands. It was used for yearly predictions and other divinations. It was used for those who had mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual problems. so that they could get rid of their problems by using this divine knowledge of Swara-Yoga. Also, it was useful for the Grihastha (householder) in day to day matters. It was commonly used for general future predictions as well as in special cases such as making wars go according to the wishes of the king, or for having a divine child. It was used to choose an auspicious time, start special jobs, journeys, wars, building etc. and for creating harmony in world affairs, predicting the time of death, and to deal with planetary effects, astral forces and negative effects of planets of the zodiac and the constellations.

              Through the knowledge of Swara-yoga one can become free from all kinds of negative influences of one's destiny and can achieve heightened awareness. The Swara-yoga practices related to breath were used understand the governing forces of life, to understand the nature of the universe and healing effects of the elements  on body and mind by observing  the different patterns of breath. Further, it was used to go beyond the limitations of the mind. Swara-yoga is a tantric science coming from the Agama Shastras and from Shiva Tantra, where Lord Shiva is the Guru and Shakti is the disciple. She asks questions about nature and the governing forces of the universe. Lord Shiva gives this precious knowledge of Swara-yoga to Shakti. Other tantric traditions also existed such as Surya Tantra, Ganapatya Tantra and Vaishnava Tantra. Today only two tantric techniques are commonly available, Shaiva and Shakta Tantra.

                There are two major practices particular to Swara-yoga which one only comes across when delving into this science in depth. The first practice is called Tattwa Sadhana. Tattwa means 'element'; therefore, tattwa sadhana involves analyzing the breath in order to recognize the different inherent elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. For this purpose the Shastras recommend one to make Yantras, or symbols, of the tattwas and perform Trataka on them.The second practice, known as Chhayopasana, also entails the practice of Trataka but in this case you concentrate on your own shadow, or Chhaya. Trataka literally means 'steady gazing'. Through this practice you become acutely attuned to the nature of the object of focus, and the effect of concentrated gazing increases your willpower. Essentially, however, a set of coded instructions is being sent to the higher centers of the brain, awakening the ultrasonic circuits concerned with the subtler and psychic realms. Therefore, the Swara Shastras state that if all the conditions of these sadhanas are fulfilled, eventually the knowledge of the Vedas reveals itself and you develop an encompassing insight into the three Kalas, or periods of time - past, present and future.

                Swara-Yoga practice helps us to change unwanted physical, mental or emotional states at will, create favorable conditions for one’s life by changing the internal environment thus improving one’s attitude towards life through increased awareness. Here is how it works. The right nostril dominance is associated with Pingala Nadi or Surya Nadi (Nadi is the channel through which pranic energy flows in the body; we are said to have 72,000 of these nadis but there are three principal ones, of which Pingala is one. Another is Ida and these two are said to flow along the length of the spinal cord, on either side of the main nadi or the sushumna). The Pingala, which is the masculine or solar principle, is associated with the left hemisphere of the brain that controls the right side of the body. The left nostril dominance is associated with the Ida Nadi or Chandra Nadi, the feminine or lunar principle, associated with the right hemisphere of the brain and controlling the left side of the body. Just by observing the direct effect of solar and lunar currents of breath on human behavior, Swara yogis were able to ascertain the activities best suited during the left nostril dominance and activities best suited during the right nostril dominance. The nose can be seen as the main switch of cerebral hemispheres. In fact, Swara-Yoga can be understood as the higher, most effective and miraculous meditative phase of Hatha-Yoga science.

     Elements of the micro-cosmos: The philosophy of yoga explains how the whole universe is the composition of the five elements, or Tattwas of prithvi (earth), Jalas (water), Agni (fire). Vayu (air) and Akasha (ether). The human body, being composed of the same stuff as the universe, therefore reflects the properties of these elements through every cell. In Swara-yoga a more detailed explanation is given, for it says that these elements, which are 'hidden in a subtler level of existence', can easily be recognized by the nature of the outgoing breath. Just as a scientist, by looking through a microscope, sees the particles which comprise a substance, so the Taittiriya Upanishad explains that by meditating upon the five Tattwas, the various elements which form an object can be perceived. The Shiva Swarodaya, Mandukyopanishad and Prashnopanishad explain that the five tattwas evolved from mind, mind from prana, and prana from supreme consciousness. The original script of ShivaSwarodaya, the most popular scripture to study Swara-yoga, consists of 395 sutras with amazingly detailed descriptions of various practical aspects which can be easily learnt and practiced by a modern scientific man with confirmatory tests. The practice of Shiva Swarodaya allows us to synchronize our breath with the universal rhythm. This alignment removes undue efforts, stress and strain from our daily activities. The purpose of knowing and recognizing the tattwas is to enable you to expand your awareness from its present limited state and so experience the ultimate source. You can recognize the tattwas of your breath in this way- When a certain Tattwa is active it has a specific effect upon the natural spontaneous breath. Therefore, you can tell by the length, direction, colour and force of exhalation which Tattwa is prevalent at the present moment.

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