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    Dr. Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati Ji Maharaj    




Birth  : Swamili's physical existence was born on Aug. 31st, 1956 in a traditionally religious, cultural,  spiritual & venerated joint Hindu Family of the Varna / cast Kshatriya Thakur (Rajput)- Landlord in the divine, ancient and historical Puranic district town, on the bank of holy river "Gangase", Bindwara, Munger, Bihar state, India.

Omm Shrim Sadguruve Namaha

Parmahansa Satyananda with his senior

 Ascetic disciples at  BSY Munger, 1984.

  Childhood : On  6th days of his birth, Swamiji seemed to had died physiologically or was in his higher spiritual state of Samadhi (Transcendental state of mind and highier consciousness). Just after 14 hours, by the grace of supreme God, miraculously & spontaneously his consciousness & physical awareness came back to the normal world, and revived after being self-transmitted / blessed by a spiritually Siddha Enlightened Tantric-Yogini Guru with performing some super natural & Tantric-Rituals and holy religious formalities in the Temple for a few moments & minutes only.

            In 1961, the educational initiation into student-life by his parent, was performed at the age of five years. As a child, swamiji showed remarkable performance and mastering the various mystical aspects of integrated Yogatheopathy, Spiritual Sadhana and Vedic religious Rituals in his daily routine and lifestyle by the age of eight. According to the affectionate, compassionate teaching-preaching, regular guidance, and  strict supervision of his educationist parent, Swamiji followed innocently, sincerely and exactly to the all moral lessons, behaviors and instructions in the golden periods of his childhood & student life.

  Traditional Yoga Initiation : In 1964, at the age of 8 years, Swamiji went to meat a glorious yogi saint in a local Yogashram along with his parent and stayed there for some weeks in Bihar School of Yoga ( Gurji's yogashram campus ), Munger, Bihar state, India. There he was initiated by Swami Satyananda ji in advance integrated yogatheopathy traditional training program and spiritual Enlightenment Sadhana faculties, attainded verious Yogatheopathy courses several times gradually & step by step, and learnt various practicl aspects of intensive & integrated Yogatheopathy Science based gross and vital-techniques like : Yogasana Pranayama Mudra Bandha Mantra-Patha Trataka Havana-Anushthana Meditation Bhakti-Yoga Kriya-Yoga Kundalini-Yoga Nada-Yoga, and other some Tantric rituals by transcendental methods etc. under the personal guidance and supervision of the Eminent Mahayogi Paramahansa Swami Satyananda Saraswati ji maharaj.

           At the age of 12 years, once a day suddenly in morning, he renounced his parental family, home and material life to fulfill his spiritual aspirations in solitude meditation by practicing austerities ( Tapascharya ) in  lonely place on the historical holy mountain & forest of Shringi Rishies's mountain region at the religious holy place "Rishikund" near Jamalpur, munger. After three days stays there, he was received and attained  some transcendental messages during his continuous Meditation Sadhana, self-inspired and intuitively compelled by some unknown super natural & divine force " return back your home, your parent are waiting for your presence at home, keep continue your further worldly education and yoga spiritual sadhana routine, and fulfill your parent's expectation by staying a few years at your home". Then finally after a few days he came back at his home, continued his formal education and spiritual practices sincerely, seriously with full faith and dedication, where he showed and performed extraordinary intuitive qualities in his student life.

  Towards Sainthood : At the age of 19 years, once during in trance and transcendental state of his mind in deep meditation & Samadhi, he was directed on self-attainment by some super natural or unknown divine soul / spirits. From that his sophisticated cosmic moment, he had risen above the worldly and mundane affairs of gross life. So finally he renounced again his material life and worldly affairs with the formal permission and blessings of his parent, and proceeded towards Himalayas in search of the cosmic truth and further spiritual enlightenment, and began a self living style as a sage & wandering monk with austerities (who had left their homes in a state of para-vairagya and were living in a most disorderly spiritual manner ), where he perceived and attained a lot of miraculous spiritual phenomena and Siddhis (Feats & super natural perceptions & miraculous / mystical divine potentional Energy).  

  Ashram Sadhana Life :After Parivrajaka-sadhana period & wandering monk-life, In 1977, Swamiji was ultimately self-inspired and forced by some unknown divine Soul & super natural mystical power, then finally he returned back from the Himalayan region to Bihar School of Yoga ( Guruji's residential ashram campus & Gurukula) and pledged to devote his whole life to his traditional renowned yogi-Guru Paramahansa Swami Satyananda Saraswati ji Maharaj to learn, practice and research of traditional Tantric, Vedic and yogathepathy spiritual sadhana sciences to achieve all-round spiritual perfection, complete therapeutic health remedies related & research oriented higher experiences, absolute Enlightenment, and self-realization.

  Traditional religious Sannyasa (Ascetic) Initiation : According to the Guruji’s will, desire and his personal clear blissful direction, On the occasional ceremony, the day of grate Holy-festival, March 25, 1978 at BSY Ashram, Munger, Bihar, Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati was initiated by Paramhamsa Swami Satyananda Saraswati ji in Sacred Eternal Ancient Indian Vedic Dashanama Sannyasa Tradition along with Vedic and ritual formalities, and thereby becoming a Paramhamsa Sanyasi (Ascetic), and recognized as a traditionally authentic divine named Paramhamsa Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati to patronize & Guide the spiritual transcendental knowledges and renaissance of divine Yogatheopathy culture, and to Provide unselfish spiritual teaching, preaching and spiritual welfare service throughout life to the worldwide mankind according to the Great Vedic Traditional Manner.

  Spiritual Enlightenment  : During his Guru's Ashram-life of 12 years, he gained very higher expertise and mastership on complete health relevant various mystical aspects of intensive and integrated yogatheopathy science like : Hatha - Yoga, Raja - Yoga, Kriya - Yoga, Kundalini - Yoga, Swara - Yoga, Nada - Yoga, Laya - Yoga and Tantra - Yoga, etc.; its' teaching and training faculties, therapeutic research work, spiritual perfection, super-natural perceptions, cosmic realization, and  intensive experiences & solutions of complete treatment for almost all the psychosomatic, psychological & spiritual health / personality / sadhana relevant common chronic complicated incurable & failure critical problems and diseases through integrated Yogatheopathy Medico-Transmission (gross & Vital) systems under the direct personal guidance of his divine guru Paramhamsa Satyananda ji (The eminent Spiritual Master and leader). There he served in A to Z different faculties & departments such as: Teaching-Training and Therapeutic Research, Management, Marketing, Publication, Campaign, etc. at the Ashram campus full-time continuously for over 12 years. He gained exclusive experiences in the administrative management of the organization at the Guruji's Ashram; and edited the ashram's Hindi monthly journal, and other publications written by his Guruji Swami Satyananda Saraswati, wrote various researched articles, and composed many devotional poems and songs. With divine traditional spiritual training cum Ashram-Sewa (devoting unselfish service for guru's welfare mission during residentional training period at the ashram campus), at the same period Swamiji studied other ancient holistic and modern treatment system of Indian medicines deeply and completed his Degree course of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery, and two years specialization faculty in Doctor of Medicine ( A.M.).

  Foundation of Institute : Upon leaving the Gurukula & Ashram and as his Guruji's compassionate directions, he wandered through India for the next one year, extending his divine knowledge of traditional faculties and latest spiritual perceptions. He eventually founded his way to Himalayas. After establishing himself there, he attained Cosmic Truth realization and spiritual Enlightenment in the Himalayan region. After the obtaining higher spiritual perceptions, super natural achievements, and the ultra-cosmic realization; his divine mission was clear to his higher mental plan, and In 1989, at the age of 33 years, he founded ‘ Yoga Health Research Institute' in Bhopal, M. P., India in order to help more people towards spiritual path, and to conduct intensive scientific research work in various therapeutic health aspects of integrated yogatheopathy science, such as complete physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health, and entire personality relevant assure preventive and curative proper successful remedy / permanent solution thoroughly and absolute spiritual development & perfection for common people of the global societies. 

  Social Service So Far : Providing successful preventive and curative proper intensive remedy through intensive yogatheopathy science system without the use of any types of medicine for various common, chronic, complicated & incurable or failure health problems and ailments, has been part of Swamiji’s welfare agenda. In the last four decades of his Sanyasa welfare life and during the past 24 years through his Yoga Health Research institute, almost half a million patients, and highly spiritual seekers-practitioners and  Sadhakas have extremely benefited from Swamiji’s unique self-transmitted yogathyopathy medico-teachings (Teleparhic-transformation of vital Pranic or potentional energies of subtle body, yogic transmission of universal life-force, and spiritual healing), super-natural / divine healing Gift, and revised / modified divine formula of yogatheopathy science based self-transmission vital-treatment system. He has been regularly conducted integrated yogatheopathy medical courses and camps in various medical, educational, professional, welfare, religious, and cultural institutions, organizations, colleges, universities, management training centers, Indian defense academies,, prisons, orphanages, senior citizen's and beggar's homes, physically and mentally handicapped & disable person's institutions, and drug-rehabilitation centers, etc. in India and abroad throughout years.    


  Glory of Yogatheopathy Tradition Dr. Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati Ji is a well known and respected spiritual personality around the world as a competent and inspiring Yoga trainer / teacher, revival spiritual miraculous healer, traditional religious Guru & Guide, and authentic Yogatheopathy medical scientist. He is a living example of old yogatheopathic values, and has championed the latest medical concept of intensive and integrated yogatheopathy therapeutic science in this modern age, and has been pillar of modern   yogatheopathic renaissance. As a Enlightened spiritual guide and the sacred Eternal ancient Vedic-Traditionally Authentic Sanyasi (ascetic) & Yogi-Guru (spiritual master & leader), he has demystified spiritually for the benefit of the masses and personally guided thousands of people in their spiritual quest for attainment of absolute spiritual Enlightenment & self-realization for the last thirty five years continuously.

           In 2008, he reduced his active involvement in general yoga-teaching-preaching-training-treatment work and handed active work of his Institute to his disciple. He now lives as a Paramhamsa Sannyasi (The "Paramhamsa" represents the higher spiritual state of these grades such as : Kutichaka, Bahudaka, Hansa, Paramhamsa, Awadhuta. It is possible to become a Paramhamsa by a long course of Vedantic study, perfection in meditation, perception in Samadhi and attainment of Self-realization. The "Ativarnashramis" are beyond caste and order of life. They dine with all classes of people), serving & solving patient's incurable & critical health and inner personality related complications, guiding and initiating advance spiritual practitioners & Sadhaks, performing higher spiritual & Vedic self-Sadhanas to attain super Cosmic perceptions, ultimate step of Samadhi & Salvation, oneness and liberation. 

? Sanyasa-Path means Agani-Path ( Proceed Forward on the Path of Burning Fire ) >


become diseases free, proof & enlightened, And also reformat, reprogramme, upgrade, 

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