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Under the perfect & direct gracious guidance of a glorious yogi

Dr. Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati Ji Maharaj

conducted by

Yoga health research institute, bhopal, m. p., india


        -------------    INTEGRATED YOGATHEOPATHY SCIENCE   -------------

Karma - Yoga bhakti - yoga gyana - yoga hatha - yoga raja - yoga kriya - yoga
kundalini - yoga swara - yoga nada - yoga mantra - yoga laya - yoga tantra - yoga

                                  ------------     What is THE Yog or  Yoga  ?     -------------

Yoga is a universal, evolutionary science which was derived from the Tantric and Vedic traditions. It has been transmitted down through the ages in an unbroken lineage of yogis, rishis and seers, who developed this science for the expansion and liberation of human consciousness. Yoga is not a religion, as it neither encourages nor imposes any kind of religious dogma or belief. Yoga is now being utilized in modern society in many areas. Indeed, yoga deals with the problems of human nature and human exigencies through a vast repertory of practical methods which aim towards the purification, regulation and awakening of human potential.

                The word "Yoga" comes from the ancient Sanskrit root word “yug”, which means “Union of Force” or" joined together" or to combine, coordinate, harmonize, integrate, discipline, Yoke (English), Joch (German), the union of the human soul with the Universal Soul, i.e., the union of human being (Jeevatma) with God (Paramatma) that leads to inner and outer union, harmony, and joy", but this is only partially right. It has also been defined as "a process of channeling the activities of the mind in the desired direction, and sustaining that focus without being distracted. So "both the movement toward the goal, and the state of absorption itself, are Yoga". The different paths or forms of Yoga are designed to suit different personalities. The mastery of the entire body, mind and spirit as a proper way of attaining spiritual perfection and ultimately, self-realization. Yoga is a low-cost self-help approach to well being. It is a most practical spiritual science that does not belong to any particular region or religion. actually, Yoga does not claim to be a religion nor does it offer to be a better tool than any religion. Properly understood, any religion itself is a small form of divine yoga science and it also means to tie back or unite. Although The yoga is a invaluable divine product of Indian oldest civilization bur It has influenced all religions and cultures of that land. It brings positive results independent of your belief in its efficacy and it encourages a balanced, all-around development of human potential.

              The original form of Yoga is The systematic, shortcut, balanced, and most effective, and extremely beneficial divine path to self-awareness, self-realization, and absolute knowledge of God and the ultimate universal consciousness. The true meaning of " Yoga" may only be understood in terms of the Creator, soul, and consciousness. Creator or supreme God "Lord Shiva" is the central origin of the whole cosmic existence and is omnipresent. The Para psychic origin of everything is called soul. Spiritual awareness or link between gross existence and soul is referred to as consciousness. The philosophy of yoga explains how the whole universe is the composition of the five elements, or tattwas of prithvi (earth), Jalas (water), agm (fire). vayu (air) and akasha (ether). The human body, being composed of the same stuff as the universe, therefore reflects the properties of these elements through every cell. Yoga science is the combination of different gross and psychic techniques, so that the partially developed human consciousness may develop fully. When the consciousness of an individual is fully developed, his soul merges completely with the soul of the Creator. This complete merger is knows as the "Yoga".

              As mentioned above, yoga is the state of merger while yoga science is the method for achieving that supreme and ultimate state of consciousness. This subtle distinction is usually ignored and yoga science is commonly referred to as gross or physical postures "yoga". Practice of yoga science is considered beneficial because in the process of full consciousness development, all the aspects of the personality like body, senses, mind, emotions, behavior and self-awareness also get developed, controlled, co-ordinated, pure and infinitely energized. Yoga science is said to have originated by the will of the Creator (The Lord Shiva in Indian mythology). This ancient India divine science has been handed down the ages through the guru-disciple tradition. We should use all the resources given to us for effective spiritual growth. Therefore We can confidently state that yoga is the rich technology of divine ecstasy. Finally The main points of Swami Shivapoojananda's teachings can be summarized in a few simple words which have become his creed, and the symbol of his mission and message to humanity: "Search the God, Know the Self, Serve the human being, Love all the beings, Give every thing the Creator and merge with them forever by becoming a real Yogi". These points are the foundation of a complete system for man's spiritual evolution which integrates all the yoga for modern man to apply in daily life.

              At present, yoga is passing through a momentous period of growth and expansion with rapid integration into modern society. Yoga is being applied in different facets of life in a variety of new ways, for example, as a form of therapy, a technique for health and stress management for executives, in education, business management, the Armed Forces, for the intellectually and physically disabled, the especially gifted, in prisons, on the campus, for the aged, in rural sectors, and many more. As we view the multifaceted yogic transition taking place around the world today, we can begin to see why Swami Satyananda Saraswati had pronounced many years ago, “Yoga is the culture of tomorrow and it will change the course of world events”.  However, most of these applications remain at a superficial level. In order to obtain a more comprehensive view of yoga and its potential utility within society, we need to go much deeper. For this reason Yoga Health Research Institute, Bhopal, M.P., India was envisioned. Here scholars, scientists, medical practitioners, administrators and yogic aspirants of a high caliber can study, carry out research and develop a complete perspective of yoga and its potential uses within society in order to create a better future and a better world for the coming generations.

-------------   Forms or Types or Kinds or Synthesis of THE Yoga Sciences   -------------

All forms of yoga draw inspiration from this source of the exquisite heavenly nectar. The greatest and first Guru "Lord Shiva" in the universe and the cosmos, the head of the entire yoga transmission line, is also called the Father, Baba. Maha Guru Lord Shiva lived and walked on this earth just like You, which he discovered and founded together with his spouse Devi Parvati, really is. He conveys direct teachings to only few ones, who are most often Arhats, while He Himself remains rather a spiritual patron of all male and female yoga disciples. An abstract term Shiva (God’s Grace), which refers to the spiritually highest being in the Universe, is clearly differentiated here from the name of a Maha Yogi called Maha Guru Lord Shiva, who presently lives on the Earth. The Absolute is more often described as Param Shiva. Lord Shiva founded a total of twelve lines of yoga transmission, which constitute complete and comprehensive teaching and training systems in all stages of man’s route of complete spiritual development such as : Karma-Yoga,  Bhakti-Yoga,  Gyana-Yoga,  Hatha-Yoga,  Raja-Yoga,  Kriya-Yoga, Nada-Yoga, Kundalini-Yoga, Swara-Yoga,  Mantra-Yoga,  Laya-Yoga,  Tantra-Yoga  and  Rajadhiraja-Yoga. These are very important, easier, effective and common for different personality of spiritual aspirants and each branch is tailored to suit a particular type of personality. Every branch is in itself a different, independent, complete and balanced syllabus for achieving fast spiritual growth, perfection, absolute Enlightenment and Self-Realization. 

               Many other yogis advocate only a few forms of yoga, such as raja, Gyana, Bhakti, Hatha, Swara or kriya yoga. One should not forget to mention that there are a number of equally important sub-systems like : Mantra-Yoga, Laya-Yoga, Nada-Yoga, Kundalini-Yoga,  Karma Yoga, Tantra-Yoga, and other parts of  Integral Yoga science, etc. But Swami Shivapoojananda daringly integrated almost all the kinds of yogas and created the yoga of synthesis, so that man's personality could be developed as a whole without any side being either over or under developed.  Although each branch involves different philosophy and Para-scientific techniques, the common elements among all the12 branches are various stages of physical and mental disciplines (Yama and Niyama), Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses), Dharana (one pointed concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi ( higher enlightened state of quiet purified mind and super consciousness ). Definitely all the types of yogas lead ultimately to the one goal, but by combining them in the right way, the aspirant is able to utilize each minute of the day as active, balance and progressive spiritual sadhana. The actual motivating factor which inspired Swami Shivapoojananda to combine the various yogas was a three-fold insight into man's nature. He knew that every being is evolving towards illumination;  man's nature is made up of different types of temperaments and each one must be expressed during evolution; and unfoldment of man's nature cannot take place by the use of only one form of yoga. Each yoga supports the others, and each can become the starting point for any of the others.

               Yoga is a part of the main six original systems of Hindu philosophy. The Bhagavad Gita mentions three major Yoga systems called Karma-Yoga, Bhakti-Yoga, and Jnana-Yoga. There are at least two more major Yoga systems. In his 'Yoga Sutras', Patanjali deals with Ashtanga Yoga which is now generally referred to as Raja Yoga. Kriya-Yoga is also mentioned in the holy scripture "Shivapurana", Patanjali's "Yoga Sutras " and in the " Bhagavad Gita " assuring its place among the great Yoga systems. Finally, there is Hatha - Yoga which is introduced in the classic 'Hatha Yoga Pradipika', Gheranda Sanghita, Goraksha-Sanghita and Shiva-Sanghita. Actually, It is worth mentioning the fact that Lord Shiva referred mainly four yoga paths and systems like : Hatha-Yoga, Raja-Yoga, Laya-Yoga, Mantra-Yoga as MAHA-YOGA, if one practiced some of their selected basic elements simultaneously. Basically, what we are offering as a public introduction into yoga is in its quintessence Maha-Yoga (Grand Yoga) and this synthesis of Yoga or Maha Yoga may be developed in a more detailed, effective and shorter way into one of the Great Spiritual evolution Paths. In the Bhagavad Gita (Ch, 18, v. 54-57),.Lord Sri Krishna explains truth that "To behold the Self in all beings is wisdom, gyana; to love the Self is devotion, Bhakti; to serve the Self is action or karma. When the Gyana yogi attains wisdom, he is endowed with devotion and selfless activity. Karma yoga becomes the spontaneous expression of his spiritual nature as he sees the one Self in all". 

              For achieving only perfect spiritual development, attaining cosmic perception, Self-Realization and absolute Enlightenment; any one branch or path of yoga sadhana (from the Sanskrit verb root "sadh" means ‘to go straight to the goal) system is sufficient. Mainly a particular branch or form of Yoga is chosen and selected by the perfect yogi-Guru (spiritual leader or master) depending upon the inner personality of the disciple for self-realization and liberation. For both spiritual and material progress  of an individual in a balanced manner, a  combination of some of the 12 branches (integrated yogic transmission of divine / transcendental knowledge) and other Rituals is usually required with practices maligned by established spiritual conventions. The actual proportional gradual combination of  yoga sadhana practice depends on  the individual's nature, behaviors, physical-mental-emotional health, lifestyle, age, gender, occupational, social, cultural and religious background, spiritual ability, tendency, environmental and geographical factors of living area, objective etc.

    The our Institutional advises to Yoga-participants, spiritual Sadhakas and practitioners: You may Start the practice under the surveillance of a Yogic initiate. If, after a certain time, you do not obtain any positive results, then you are free to quit." In the same way that expected assure benefits can be obtained only by using a properly diagnosed remedy, the truth of the intensive & integrated yogatheopathy Science can really be proved only through successful sincere practice regularly. However, it is necessary to stress here that the Yoga sadhana practitioner develops and perfects his Siddhis (feats) only for the purpose of raising himself at the level of the Supreme Being and from there to fuse eternally with the Absolute. The Siddhis have no value per se; they are only a modality; But all these super natural potential powers cannot be obtained by only talking, thinking, imagining about any forms of Yogic transmission and Swamiji's spiritual healing capabilities, for unsystematic, unnecessary, endemically diagnosed tireless yoga practice as a gross exercise and direct experimentation only can lead to such unusual achievements. About this, there is no doubt.


become diseases free, proof & enlightened, And also reformat, reprogramme, upgrade, 

Update your inner mind through our yogatheopathic healing within a shortest period.

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