Fortunately  available  now :  The unique, rare, incomparable & Invaluable golden
opportunity + to be Free from all the types of diseases + EMPOWERMENT FOR over all
the types of stamina + ACHIEVEMENT OF ABSOLUTE Enlightenment for all the PERSONS.

Under the perfect & direct gracious guidance of a glorious yogi

Dr. Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati Ji Maharaj

conducted by

Yoga health research institute, bhopal, m. p., india


---------------     Brief Outline Of The Organization    ---------------

The reputed Yogatheopathy Master Dr. Swami Shivananda Saraswati first had the vision of a yoga institute when he established the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy in Rishikesh in the foothill of the Himalayas where taught an integral approach to the practice of yoga spiritual science. This inspiration was carried forward by Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda Saraswati, who established Bihar School of Yoga in 1963 followed by the Ganga Darshan complex in Munger, on the bank of Ganga river, Bihar where taught and spread Yoga science. Dr. Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati, with the blessings of his senior disciple, founded Yoga Health Research Institute in 1989 in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), India in order to preserve and regenerate the total scope of yogic sciencesincluding to impart yogic training to householders and sannyasins alike by combining academic and medical scientific methodology with a spiritual vision, and today has its branches spreading all over the country and abroad. 

         The Bala-Yoga-Vibhuti Dr. Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati ji is the founder and lifelong president of the institution and all yogic activities are carried out under his benevolent guidance by expert yogic teachers and trained sannyasins. The organization is recognized by state Govt. of Madhya Pradesh (INDIA), as an educational, spiritual - cultural, complete health research oriented and charitable (Non Profit making Organization) welfare society under Madhya Pradesh Society Registration Act 44 of 1973, and was established with the sole motive of carrying out latest medical science based integrated yogatheopathy therapeutic health research work all over the country and world-wide. This health educational and spiritual cultural  establishment has held innumerable intensive yogatheopathy therapy camps and intends to scientific prove the instant effective, permanent result-oriented, time-bound & extremely benefits of various integrated Yogatheopathic Self-Transmitted gross and vital techniques.

         Yoga Health Research Institute has been established along the lines of All India Institute of Medical Science, two great spiritual centers of learning and treating health problems. It will continue the work started by these ancient centers as a path-finder for the current and future spiritual awakening of people throughout the world, in the spheres of Yogatheopathy, Vedanta, Tantra and other allied subjects. The Institute offers scholars, scientists, doctors and yoga aspirants from all parts of the world a golden opportunity to work together to formulate a scientific basis for the growth, expansion and rapid integration of yogatheopathy into modern society.

         There are variety of intensive & integrated Yogatheopathy Training Courses, the duration varies from one hour to few months & years. The creative systematic various courses in Yogatheopathy spiritual science at different levels are conducted here, like : integrated yoga teaching, training, treatment and therapeutic health research programs are carried out professionally by truly, dedicated and fully trained volunteers of the organization. Super special yogatheopathy therapeutic camps have been organized regularly to cure common, chronic, complicated, and  incurable almost all the psychosomatic, psychological, and spiritual health & personality relevant problems and ailments in various cities and rural areas throughout year, and the success rate has been astonishing. Instead of these programs, Yoga learners, professionals and followers can enhance their knowledge, their mental abilities and also increase their spiritual & intuitive levels through these courses. Guidance is given to all males, females, teenagers, students and senior citizens/aged people and all those who are interested in intensive Yogatheopathy divine science. The above-mentioned yogatheopathy courses are regularly carried in our various branches.

--------------    Our INSTITUTIONAL Goals AND Activities   --------------

  Our DIVINE Goals

  Unique Presentation of moral yogic daily routine / natural and divine harmonized yogic-lifestyle in a most effective, extremely beneficial, scientific, and assure result-oriented manner for the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social (entire personality) development of mankind irrespective of nationality, religion, cast, creed, color, gender or age, etc.

  Guidance to people in finding an easier, non-medicinal, time-bound, risk-free, harmless, faultless, manner full, truthful, intuitive and shortcut natural health solution without using any types of medicine in integrated yogatheopathic self-transmission therapy science system to the various psychosomatic, psychological and spiritual health / personality relevant common, chronic, complicated, incurable / failure problems and ailments of modern materialistic daily lifestyle.

  Establishment of medically well-equipped ashrams (residentional yogatheopathy campuses) for intensive and integrated Yogatheopathy science relevant teaching, training, therapeutic research and treatment of the unhealthy general  public, yoga academic professionals, medical scientist, social workers, and highly spiritual seekers and practitioners.

  Implementation of the various kinds of welfare and charitable schemes for destitute people and the economically under privileged section of the global societies.

  This institute also guides yogatheopathy Medical research projects in association with prestigious hospitals, organizations and establishments. Programs made by the Institute are being used today in the health, education, management and administrative institutions prisons, hospitals, religious organizations, etc. by the Defense Services, private and public sector industries, and many more.

  Our DIVINE WELFARE Activities
   Social Welfare, Lectures, Camps, Conventions, tours, seminars, Workshop.  

The organization has carried out general programs in various Schools, Colleges, Universities, Deaf and Dumb children’s homes, mentally and physically handicapped & disable people, senior (old) citizen’s, beggar's homes, orphanage, prisons, etc. for promoting integrated yogatheopathy self-transmission therapy science and accepting it in our daily life-style. Conventions, tours, seminars, workshops and lectures help spread the yogic message “from door to door and from shore to shore”. In addition to these, trained sannyasins are ever ready to conduct organized conventions, seminars and lecture tours throughout all the India and the world. This provides a solutions for the Yoga minded people who find it impossible to undertake a journey to our yogatheopathy health campus. The institute is involved in intensive therapeutic health research work  scientifically to prove the astounding results of yogic therapy in order to yield the benefits of integrated yogatheopathy science to it’s full potential. Fee / donation charges are accepted to fulfill this goal. Various integrated yogatheopathy programs are conducted by the institution are mentioned / enlisted below:---

         The Yogatheopathic techniques developed there are a synthesis of many approaches to personal development, based on traditional Vedantic and yogatheopathic self-transmitted gross and vital teachings in conjunction with contemporary physical, mental emotional and spiritual health sciences. and through the programmes outlined below.

   1. Spiritual Activities

Spiritual sadhana course for self-realization : Weekly preliminary and advance spiritual Sadhana courses are conducted for systematic and fast spiritual development of the highly spiritual seekers, practitioners & Sadhakas. The course structure is designed to teach various yogatheopathic techniques such as: inner purification of body and mind, to awaken and raising divine Kundalini power (the dormant infinite potentional  and cosmic energy sources in the spine of an individual's subtle body), intuition, confidence, Pratyahara (self-sensory control), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (gradual inner divine visions or perceptions of Cosmic Truths in meditation), Samadhi (transcendental & enlightened state), and to attain spiritual perfection, Absolute Enlightenment, and Self-Realization.

For Ascetics : Systematic ancient Tantric and Vedic scientific based Taditional spiritual teaching and training programs are conducted for being a perfect spiritual master and leader or absolutely enlightened traditional Guru or guide or prophet for the divine cultural welfare of global mankind and societies.

   2. Medical Activities                                                                                                            Top 

General Yoga Health Management Course : This is a monthly program organized by the institution and  aims towards normal development of physical body, mind and emotions. The techniques of normally Raja-yoga  and  Hatha-yoga are performed to overcome laziness, mental stress & strain, tiredness, weakness, anxiety, anger and to improve memory, concentration, mental stability, self-confidence, intuition, intelligence, peace of mind. Hence it is  guided to develop and balance human personality.

Yogatheopathy Therapy (treatment) Course : Regular intensive yogatheopathy therapeutic courses and camps are held to complete cure: common, chronic, complicated and Incurable critical health problems and diseases; caused due to pollution, unbalanced diet, unnatural & irregular diet, abnormal lifestyle, mental stress and strain, etc. Patients suffering from psychosomatic and psychological health problems/ailments; such as :- diabetes, blood pressure, spondylitis, depression,  migraine, asthma, arthritis, digestive and sexual disorders, cardiovascular and neurological disorders, etc. are cured by performing integrated yogatheopathy self-transmitted therapeutic techniques. Processes of preventive and curative remedy, and spiritual healing are adopted for general integrated yogatheopathy practical training and spiritual teaching programs. A proper combination of the three methods such as : (a) Integrated yogatheopathic gross techniques. (b) subtle Pranic potential energy's self-transmission (c) Spiritual healing vital techniques are employed to the yoga participants for yoga therapeutic health remedies.

Family Planning and Research Work : Several family planning and integrated yogatheopathy transmission therapy science relevant awareness and practical training program are organized and conducted to control the increase of population in the country. Certain most effective techniques of Hatha-yoga, Raja-yoga and Tantra-yoga have proved extremely fruitful for birth control.

   3.  Educational  Activities

Yoga Teacher's Training  Courses : Quarterly yoga teacher’s training courses are  conducted to impart  intensive yogic training to enthusiastic pupils who act as volunteers and come forward to serve the society. The duration of the course varies from 3 months to 1 year for certificate and diploma courses and 3 to 5 years for Acharya respectively. It covers various aspects of integrated yoga science such as Asanas,  Pranayama, Mudras, Bandha, Pratyahara, Satkarama, Yoganidra, Dharna, Dhyana, and other various  techniques of yogatheopathy therapeutic systems, etc. and a complete knowledge of human psychology, anatomy, physiology,  other holistic systems of Indian medicines including integrated yoga science. Successful candidates are given certificates of recognition and are capable to teach and cure all kinds of health problems and ailments through yogic techniques. The syllabus in this course is very helpful and informative for day to day lifestyle. One who completes this course successfully can individually conduct basic integrated yoga classes for general health management and spiritual sadhana progress.

Children's Yoga Camp : For the healthy development of growing children, integrated yoga training camps are conducted weekly for the age group 8-14 years old. During this period attention is paid not only towards the physical development but also to improve the mental make-up, communication, memory, self-confidence, professional skill performance, talent and entire inner personality of the individual. The training is specially directed to develop an individual’s moral behaviors, personal discipline, leadership, versatility, creativity, and a balanced personality to lead a progressive, responsible and successful social life.

Yogatheopathy Medical Research Program : Integrated yogatheopathy science based intensive medical research work for every aspect of human personality development; and extremely effective, time-bound, assure result-oriented therapeutic solution for almost all the psychosomatic, psychological and spiritual health relevant common, complicated, failure or incurable critical problems, and diseases without using any type of  medicine or harmful effects or risk factor.

   4. Charitable Activities                                                                                                        Top 

Yogatheopathy Camps : In prisons, orphanages, drug-rehabilitation centers, mental asylums, homes for the beggars, physically and mentally disable & handicapped, senior citizens' homes,and other welfare and professional (govt. / non govt.) educational-industrial-administrative institutions and organizations etc.

Children and women welfare : Long and Short terms integrated Yogatheopathy therapeutic complete health based special courses and camps for complete health management, education, spiritual cultural development involving an ideal daily yogic routine / life-style, and also vocational training programs are organized & conducted.

Relief Work : Providing food, clothing, shelter and medical-aid for destitute and poor people in case of natural disasters like : earthquakes, floods, famines, epidemics etc. or other emergencies like accidents, fires and riots.

Mass Reach : With its welfare activities by having health, cultural, religious, treatment solution, spiritual enlightenment and entire personality development relevant integrated yogatheopathy medical science based fruitful programs through electronic and print media worldwide in the various languages are being conducted.

   5. Spiritual and Religious Activities

Preaching and Recital Program : Religious sermons and preaching are given to explain and highlight teachings of our ancient great Saints and Yogis. People are taught to lead a life with high moral values based on teachings of our idols for peace and prosperity of the human society with Vedic traditional manner.

Initiation : Step by step various types of initiations or Deeksha like- Mantra Deeksha, Brahmacharya Deeksha, Sadhana Deeksha ( Hatha-yoga, Raja-yoga, Kriya-yoga, Kundalini- yoga, Swara-yoga, Tantra-yoga, Nada-yoga, Mantra-Yoga, Laya-Yoga, Sankhya-yoga, etc.), Karmasanyasa (vanaprastha) Deeksha, Poorna Sanyasa-Deeksha are provided to the devotional, capable, dedicated, sincere and prepared aspirants, students and Sadhakas (holy spiritual practitioners) in a Vedic traditional manners.

Celebrations : Annual Functions For– Sanyasa - day of Swamiji on the 25th march Holy festival for the followers & disciples, Foundation day on 6th October of this Institute, Mahashivaratri festival, Gurupoornima festival, Makarasankranti festival etc.

   6. Cultural and Health Tourism Activities

Yogatheopathy special camp : Integrated yogatheopathy cultural science based short term various special camps on the subject of - General Yoga Health Management and Spiritual Enlightenment, Yoga Health treatment and Spiritual Progress, Spiritual Sadhana perfection and Enlightenment for visitors and tourist at historical, religious, and holy natural destinations in India and abroad are conducted with the joint collaboration of (govt. / non govt.) tour and travel companies / agencies.

   7. Publication Activities                                                                                                       Top 

Yoga Related literatures and Magazines : To explicate the importance and benefits of integrated yogatheopathy spiritual science, various magazines and pamphlets are regularly published by the institution in order to serve the human society. A regular Quarterly magazine “ Yoganusandhana “ is published in Hindi languages on the subject of complete health and personality development, proper intensive remedy of common, complicated and incurable health problems & diseases, professional skill efficiency & performance, spiritual sadhana progress, perfection, and  absolute Enlightenment / self-realization.

Audio-Video C. D., DVD and Cassettes : Integrated yogatheopathy science based Swamiji's Pravachanas and Satsangas (lectures) are provided as a Audio-video C.D. and cassettes on the subject of general health management, proper yogic treatment of health problems and diseases, religious and cultural lifestyle, family relationship management, professional skilled & performance, spiritual perceptions & super natural truth realization, etc.

   8. ¸     Electronic Media Activities                                               click  for    ( Yoga-Projects in brief )

Audio-Video Conferencing and T. V. Serials Production : Provided proper and perfect effective yogatheopathic cultural guidance by Tale and Video conferencing to the interested and needful yoga students and participants for general health management; non-medicinal assure preventive and curative remedy for their psychosomatic, psychological and spiritual health relevant common, chronic or complicated critical problems & disease; philosophical, religious, cultural and scientific concepts of integrated yogatheopathy ancient cultural science; complete inner personality development; spiritual sadhana progress, perfection and absolute Enlightenment throughout in India and abroad. Instead of these welfare spiritual solution for global humanities, also beginning home production and telecasting of T. V. serials and Tele-films on the relevant subjects for various national and international T. V. Channels in different languages under the banner of M / S. "Divyadarshan" (R. No.-7403 : Indian Motion Picture Producer's Association , Mumbai, INDIA).


become diseases free, proof & enlightened, And also reformat, reprogramme, upgrade, 

Update your inner mind through our yogatheopathic healing within a shortest period.

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