Fortunately  available  now :  The unique, rare, incomparable & Invaluable golden

opportunity + to be Free from all the types of diseases + EMPOWERMENT FOR over all

the types of stamina + ACHIEVEMENT OF ABSOLUTE Enlightenment for all the PERSONS.

Under the perfect & direct gracious guidance of a glorious yogi 

Dr. Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati Ji Maharaj

conducted by

Yoga health research institute, bhopal, m. p., india


-------- Daily Yogic Routine In Our Yogashram Campus --------

Integrated Yogatheopathy Science Based Our Therapeutic Syllabus

   Yoga session in Morning : Mantra - Japa and Vedic chanting Agnihotra & Hawan Anushthana  Prayer
  Hatha - Yoga Raja  &  Ashtanga - Yoga Kriya - Yoga Kundalini - Yoga  Swara - Yoga  Karma - Yoga 
   After noon Session ( Only For Residential Participants ): Sankhya  &  Gyana - Yoga  ( Swadhaya & Self - Study )
medical check-upPersonal GuidanceKarma - Yoga  Nada - Yoga some  other  Vedic  scientific  Rituals.
   Yoga session in Evening :Physical and Mental Relaxation Yogic Transmission Therapy Apara & Navadha

Bhakti - Yoga Laya - Yoga  Tantra - Yoga Mantra - Yoga  Satsanga  and  Interactions ( Qus. & Ans. ).   


From 05.00 to 5.30 A. M.

Timing for waking - up from bed, personal cleaning and morning bath, etc.

From 05.30 to 6.00 A. M.

Personal yoga practices, spiritual / religious Sadhana and Mantra - chanting etc.

From 06.00 to 6.30 A. M.

Tantra - yoga, Mantra - Anushthana, Havana -Diksha and prayer- all together.

From 06.30 to 8.00 A. M.

Yoga health management and spiritual sadhana class followed by breakfast together.

From 08.00 to 9.30 A. M.

Yoga therapeutic cure and spiritual Sadhana class followed by breakfast together .

From 10.00 to 10 .30 A. M.

Karma - yoga Sadhana ( Egoless and Selfless Service for the Ashram Welfare ).

From 11.00 to 12.00 A. M.

Lunch (vegetarians proper diet) will be taken by all together in the Ashram Campus.

From 12.00 to 02.00 P. M.

Rest & relaxation and personal study time ( including Sankhya / Gyana - Yoga, etc. ).

From 02.00 to 03.00 P. M.

Karma - yoga Sadhana ( Egoless and Selfless Service for the Ashram Welfare ).

From 03.00 to 03.30 P. M.

After-noon & Evening beverages and healthy snacks, tea / coffee and fruits.

From 03.30 to 05.00 P. M.

Personal consultation along with Swamiji and his professional medical experts.

From 05.00 to 06.30 P. M.

Combined Yogatheopathy practical session for Relaxation and psycho-yoga therapy.

From 07.00 to 08.00 P. M.

Dinner (pure vegetarians diet) will be taken by all together in the Ashram Campus.

From 08.30 to 09.30 P. M.

Bhakti - yoga Sadhana ( Bhajan, Kirtan, Devotional song, etc. ) by all together.

From 09.30 to 10.00 P. M.

Nada - yoga Sadhana and Personal Mantra chanting practices individually on the bed.

From 10.00 P. M.  to 05.00 A.M.

Sleeping period : Normally six to seven hours compulsory for everyone / individually.


--------------   Kind Attention   --------------

( Sleeping Accommodation will be separately for male and female yoga - trainees )

?   We expect that all the yoga - trainees & participants will follow our above moral yogic - routine

exactly, strictly, compulsory with good faith and positive attitude during yogatheopathy courses in our

Ashram / Camp campus for successful completion of his Divine training and their own bright future.



   All the fee / donation charges for our yogatheopathy courses & camps are

variable according to the different circumstances, situations, places and persons.



become diseases free, proof & enlightened, And also reformat, reprogramme, upgrade, 

Update your inner mind through our yogatheopathic healing within a shortest period.

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